Welcome to Sussex Darkside!


        Sussex Darkside is Sussex's No. 1                     paranormal entertainment group!

       We host a  range of sinister

       and spooky events through out the

       year: From an evening of terrifying

        tales  to a night hunting 

        for  fiendish phantoms, you'll never 

        run  out of  things to do with us.


        Choose from our villianous venues:


         - Michelham Priory 

         - The Royal Hippodrome Theatre


         We hold Ghost Walks and Ghost Hunts          frequently at both theses ambient                    attractions.


        But the liveliness is not limited to just           these  perilous properties! We also hold         multipule Special Event in the year at             many diffrent  fabulously freaky and               lavishly lurid locations!


       So, why wait? Pick a property and join             in the frivolous fun!